Carolyn Bruce Designs ~ Statement Jewelry

One-of-a-Kind Statement Pieces of Wearable Art 


Frequently asked Questions:

1. QUESTION:  Are your pieces made of real silver?
ANSWER: no they are not, they are made with lead free base metals, in antique silver, antique bronze finish and gold color.
2. QUESTION: How heavy are your pieces?
ANSWER: some of them are quite substantial but when you wear them you don't feel the weight because of where they sit on your chest. Some of our pieces are actually bought as costume pieces or as art that people display at home or hang on their walls.
3. QUESTION: Do you use real crystals? or are they plastic to look like crystals?
ANSWER: I use glass crystals and rock crystals and semi precious rock crystals, the crystals I use are not swarovski's but they have a bright level of shine and brilliance that still looks great.
4. QUESTION: HOW DO I PURCHASE one of your gorgeous pieces?
ANSWER: If you would like to PURCHASE a Carolyn Bruce Design, for now while we are building our Official Online Shopping Cart, please email us at and we'll get right back to you. We are able to accept Visa and e-interact payments. Carolyn has also created a 3 part payment plan for those of you that will find it easier to purchase your favorite piece. For those interested in this option please email us and we'll set that up for you. Thank you!
5. QUESTION: Do you do CUSTOM WORK? if so how do you like to collaborate to create a piece and what is the turnaround for expected shipment?
ANSWER: Yes we do quite a few custom pieces. As far as collaborating goes we would love it if you would send us a picture that inspires you to create the piece you are looking for or one that you already love from our site. We don't create any two works the same, but we can design something in a similar way.  Then we get an idea of your total budget and start to email back and forth until we get close to a final decision creatively. At this point final pricing will be discussed and a 60% deposit taken on the custom piece is required to commence the actual design process. Then we schedule a person to person conversation with Carolyn herself. At that time Carolyn will have set out the pieces before she actually constructs the piece in a way the piece looks like it is already built and a picture will be taken and emailed to you so you can see the way it will look and get your approval on the final design concept. This way you can see where the design of the piece is going and add or take away anything you choose. Once design is approved Carolyn finishes the piece. At this point the remaining 40% balance is paid, plus taxes, and shipping and handling. Please allow a 2-6 week process from start to finish. Rush orders can be arranged for an additional charge if an engagement comes up at the last minute you just have to have one of her designs for.
6. QUESTION: What is Steampunk?
ANSWER: The definition of Steampunk varies widely, depending on who you ask and what you read. Wikipedia defines it as “a sub-genre of science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, and speculative fiction” which “involves a setting where steam power is still widely used – usually Victorian-era Britain – that incorporates elements of either science fiction or fantasy.” Essentially, Steampunk is a past that never was, or a possible future imagined through the eyes of our past. You will notice it usually is in bronze and silver tones and has a lot of gear and watch components and a real industrial look to it. It is Victorian-styled science fiction & fantasy, with the flavour of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, which is brought to life through books, artwork, costumes, gadgets, and music, and is limited only by your imagination. Steampunk takes us to a world of adventure, discovery, mad science, and past (or imaginary) technologies. It has a strong do-it-yourself, hands-on aesthetic which appeals to many artisans like myself that are inspired by it.