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MIROIR Magazine Cover & Interview by Nina Pak - Simon Clarke Photography -  Creative Direction, Makeup, Hair, & Prosthetics IzFX

Models - La Lunetta & Robert Gutierrez - Both Dresses & Styling by Nicole Rose Design 

 Both His and Her Necklaces and Headpieces by Carolyn Bruce Designs Statement Jewelry 

His Wardrobe by April Peters of The House Gallery


Parvesh and Jai, originally from Delhi, had already achieved international success by the time they arrived at Vancouver Fashion Week in 2014. Now, they are in their 4th year of designing for and directing Bridal Fashion Week Canada. In addition to their Couture Wedding line, they also design beautiful clothing for Women, Men and Children. You can find their Raasleela Stores in Surrey and Vancouver. I was unable to attend their recent evening at the Fairmont Waterfront, but was impressed by the elegance, color and range of gorgeous fabrics in the photos! Congratulations and may there always be Weddings, Travel and fabulous outfits for both!

Carolyn Bruce created unique centerpieces for all of the tables. Since the theme was Destination Weddings and Resort Wear, Fashion was everywhere. For some of the VIP centerpieces, she dressed Mannequins and others featured glittery Guitars and Fascinators. For the next tables,  I love her idea of framing each piece, as a work of Art and in each frame was a fancy high heel. Other tables were decorated with roses and purses.   In addition to her design work, she shared some photos of this fantastic production., Photographer, who not only photographed Bridal Fashion Week Canada, also was busy working at the lovely Celebration Dinner, held at Silk Lounge, a new and fabulous Indian Restaurant at 132 Powell Street. Here are Jose's photos. Enjoy!                

Written by Fashion Blogger Colleen Tsoukalas -  Professional photos by Jose Manuel Armijo


In the words of Dean Thullner-Veljacic, Founder and Producer, "TOGETHER WE SHINE!" And shine they did, a three page cast of Designers, Performers, Artists, Musicians, Stylists, Writers, Photographers and more, all coming together in support of Mental Health and Addiction at the 2018 SHINE event. Two main recipients of the significant funds raised, are: Lions Gate Hospital: Carlile Youth Disorders Centre, Hope Centre and The Canadian Mental Health Association.

A documentary film might better show the vast array of talent you will see at SHINE, and it transforms the Commodore and brings so much light into what can be a dark night. Interested in the creative process of designing, especially channeling McQueen, I visited the studio of Carolyn Bruce as she was getting ready for rehearsal, here

This is what I managed to snap as I watched her grand finale! Next year, I plan to sit with those fabulous Photographers and, to reserve a table. My ideal would be that everyone captures their favourite moment and then to write about that. As Dean says, " is essential for everyone to be able to express themselves on their own terms..." So here is the last act of the evening and Carolyn has provided her inspiration, symbols,sources and references below. Thank you for inviting me to SHINE! The stars are out!  

Photos by Fashion Blogger Colleen Tsoukalas - Designer descriptions by Carolyn Bruce herself!


SHINE is a yearly Non-Profit fashion and entertainment event held to raise funds for mental health and addiction issues. Funds raised go to CMHA BC and to the Hope Centre at Lion's Gate Hospital. Held at the Commodore Ballroom, on September 22, this will be an extravaganza of McQueen and other designers, truly an outstanding presentation of fashion and performance. Creativity, identity, inclusion, empowerment, community and celebration, all in lights thanks to a huge team of volunteers, led by founder and producer, Dean Thullner and a crew of more than two hundred volunteers. Fabulous Hair by Myles Laphen, Make-up by Jennifer Little with Choreography and Model Casting by Victoria Clements of Posh Intertainment. Someone whispered that Tetyana Golota will salute Freida Kahlo and Joanne Ricci will be shouting out Amy Winehouse. But wait, there's more.  Curious about how a designer puts a runway show together, I visited the studio of Steampunk Jewellery Designer, Carolyn Bruce, and managed to extract just a few images (wouldn't want to give it all away) that will give you a glimpse of what is come. I can tell you that she won't be running around slashing dresses, spray painting or putting on a startling white mask to greet her audience; she is already prepared to dazzle for the rehearsal, coming right up.

Her studio is framed by a garden of green trees that seemed to touch the windows, to reach those black necks holding silver birds, butterflies, snakes, dragons and skulls. And the mannequins, swathed as they were with white wedding gowns, and leather bustiers, and the plaids, layered and belted, those blood red and royal blues, ready to march and conquer. Savage beauty here, and all contrasts: solids and patterns, claws and wings, metal and satin, history and modernity, wearable art, lives on display. The construction, the engineering, the ingenuity, the ability to make you hear the sudden flap of wings in flight, to see the human march, to see the story. Be part of it all on Sept. 22 at SHINE. More on SHINE here.  Written by Fashion Blogger Colleen Tsoukalas of Clothes Line Finds, Sept 9th, 2018


Fashion Blog -

A few years ago I attended my first Vancouver Alternative Fashion Week (VALT). The show that literally had me flying out of my seat afterward to meet the designer was that of Steampunk Jewellery Designer Carolyn Bruce.  I snagged her at the media wall where they were snapping photos of her collection on the models to share my adoration and heard that someone visiting from Toronto had bought a piece of hers right off the runway. No surprise.

We connected through Facebook and during the very next Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW), I picked up a fabulous, big, in-your-face statement necklace on my way to the event to wear that day. It was a hit. I wore it a few weeks later to a Holt Renfrew event and had people crossing the room to get a closer look and to ask who the designer was. Each season I see more and more people at events wearing her jewellery and it brings a smile to my face to know I was one of her early fans. I now proudly own three of her necklaces, three pair of earrings, and have given her steampunk bookmarks and tea infusers as gifts often.                                         Written by Marilyn R Wilson, April 14th, 2016 - Photo by: Peter Jensen Photography                                     


Sun. April 10th, 2016 at 8:30pm - RUNWAY SHOW - ECO Fashion Week

Fairmont Waterfront, Vancouver, BC.  Eco Fashion Week (EFW) is a non-profit organization dedicated to stimulating the growth and development of sustainable practices in the fashion/clothing industry. Come see Carolyn Bruce Designs on the Runway Sunday April 10th, at 8:30pm. PRE shopping available on April 10th, 11th, and 12th in the showroom before the runway shows. Tickets for our show on the Eco Fashion Week website - BUY TICKETS.


Carolyn Bruce designs steampunk jewelry and a vast array of other unique treasures. She uses antique silver and bronze lead free base metals and found objects and has many ambassadors who are delighted to show her work off, around the city and the world. 
Just the names of the necklaces: Tourist in Paris and Fashionably Red: A Tribute to Iris Apfel, plus the bright turquoise sky of the third, made me want to travel and so off we went, around Vancouver, to share the iconic jewelry and the exciting conversations it always inspires. Vancouver Fashion Week, 2016, Nordstrom's, The Vancouver Art Gallery, The Pendulum Gallery, Terry Sasaki Gallery, and finally The Vancouver Public Library, with its special Fashion collection and Book Mark, The Library Store, where you will find more ways to support VPL buying more Fashion (and other) must have reads. People actually talked more to the necklaces than they did to me. Oh so many compliments! Many thanks Carolyn Bruce for being the marvelous designer that you are! Thanks, too, to Victoria Clements of Posh Intertainment, Marketing and Media Director for Carolyn Bruce Designs. On a rainy, depressing day, she brought out the sun by bringing a VALT 2016 (yes VALT is coming up) bag full of the necklaces and earrings, and lots of ideas for next sparkling steps.
                                                                                                                                                                          Written by Colleen, March 27, 2016
Tracey Cole, of TLC's Made This, is a local designer specializing in repurposed and recreated fashion designs for men and women. She designed the looks we wore at Celestia this year and we hope to see more of her on the runway in future years of VALT. Carolyn Bruce's Steampunk Jewelry headlined the night and she shined like no other. Her limitless mind guides her tireless hands and once again we watched the procession, awestruck. We were also honoured to be wearing her creations for VALT's Celestia: necklaces in the theme of space exploration.
                                                                                                                                                             Written by Mandy Carnahan, Dec 19th, 2015

Carolyn is a self-taught jeweller with a background in industrial and interior design. Using base metal findings, glass and semi-precious beads in complex assemblages, her latest collections are an ever evolving adventure into the world of steampunk, sci-fi, kitsch and Victorianna. Closer examination of the pieces reveals an odd and awesome range of bits and bobs which are layered and interconnected into larger shapes that compliment the wearer’s body and movements.

                      Published in LinkedIn, written by Helen Siwak, for BLUSH Vancouver, Dec. 4th, 2015


Brilliant 2015 Charity Fashion Show

Beware of a wolf in couture clothing!
 When is a fashion show not a fashion show? When it’s Brilliant!
 The sold out annual event dazzled the Commodore Ballroom audience. Ticket sales, live auction and pledges raised $450,000 for St. Paul’s Hospital, mental health and addiction programs. A private donor, who wished to remain anonymous donated a staggering $1M! Under the creative leadership of Dean Thullner, a volunteer army stylists, models, dancers and musicians volunteered their time and unleashed their creativity to host a memorable event. This year’s theme reinterpreted and modernized the classic fairy tales. The theme was, “Inspired by those who’ve battled villains [mental health and addiction] to emerge the hero of their own fairy tale.” Doors opened at 7:00pm. The live auction started at 7:45pm. The show started at 8:30pm and ended at 10:00pm. As guests lingered, the tables and chairs were cleared so everyone could dance to the music of DJ Leanne.                                                                                                                                                                            Written by Ric, Sept 26th, 2015


Steampunk jewelry designer-maker Carolyn Bruce wore her own not-for-sale brown-jade necklace at the RAW exhibition while Mandy Carnahan glittered in one named Butterfly Shimmy.                                                         Submitted by Malcolm Parry, Aug. 20th, 2015

Steampunk jewelry designer-maker Carolyn Bruce wore her own not-for-sale brown-jade necklace at the RAW exhibition while Mandy Carnahan glittered in one named Butterfly Shimmy.

                                                                              Published in the Ottawa Citizen by Malcolm Parry, Aug. 20th, 2015

We are very grateful to the organizations and individuals who generously donated gifts for our Brilliant! 2014, 2015 Silent Auction, Balloon Prizes and Live Auction. All proceeds from the sale of these items benefit mental health patients at St. Paul’s Hospital.
                                                                  Article written by Ric of Sidewalk Runway, Sept. 27th, 2014

I still remember the very first time I saw Carolyn Bruce Designs on the runway at VALT (Vancouver Alternative Fashion Week) 2013. Big, fabulous, unique jewelry is a personal passion and the designer's show offered a candy store of fabulous steampunk pieces. WHO WAS THIS ARTIST AND WHY HAD I NOT MET HER BEFORE?  As soon as a break came, I hightailed it over to the media wall to try and make a connection. Other than, "I love your work," it was an utter failure. Bruce was surrounded by a sea of admirers and had even sold a piece right off the runway to someone from out-of-town.          Written by Marilyn R Wilson, Sept. 30th, 2015


Victoria Clements and team of ambassadors, stylists, mixologists, musicians, florists, models, sponsors, volunteers and more, created a fabulous showcase for the extraordinary jewelry and designs by Carolyn Bruce.
Held at The Waterfall Building in Vancouver, this was a red carpet event, beginning with a welcome cocktail or mocktail and a beautifully inviting space.  From Emcee, Symone Says, we got an ongoing, "You're special" smile all evening.  No-one wanted to the evening to end!  Songs for Carolyn and for us, from Marilou Catanjal, made us sing along and celebrate the glitter and glamour of the pieces, and how they shone on the models and on the many fans, who happily showed off what they already owned and loved, and, throughout the evening, bought new additions for their collections. Lots of opportunity to chat, dance and parade around in our new rings and necklaces!  
Thanks for inspired and thoughtful planning, Victoria and team, and for your out of this world creations, Carolyn!  Imagine, a beyond perfect evening and then a goody bag as another thank you. Simply the best, all!                                           Written by Colleen, Sept. 21, 2015
Four of us took a road trip to see A Space In Time, a current exhibit featuring four artists from VCON 39 Art Show, a Vancouver science-faction, fantasy and gaming convention here, since the 70's.  While we were intrigued by Jeff Burnette's blown glass ray guns, fantasy illustrations by Melissa Mary Duncan and gorgeous paintings by Hing Kei, we focused on Steam Punk Jewellery Designer and Artist, Carolyn Bruce, as we had seen her work at VALT (Vancouver Alternative Fashion Week) ECO Fashion Week and recently at showing of the movie IRIS, in which we fundraised and dressed up. Note Carolyn and Victoria are wearing standout necklaces as are several other attendees. We are jewellery enthusiasts so really loved the creative displays: on the walls, on heads, in cases, out in the open, everywhere, adding texture, color, eyes, clocks, chains, metals and so much more to the space.  We want to throw out our watches and keep time in new ways.  We want to feel that there is forest in the city and art in the technology.  There is a fantastic visual complexity about Carolyn Bruce's designs that as Diana Vreeland said, makes the eye travel and it certainly does every time her work is being displayed and being worn.  (Always with strength and attitude)  So here are some photos; go see the real gems for yourself.
                                                                                                                                                                               Written by Colleen, July 8th, 2015

Re: Semblance
Ferry Building Gallery
June 23 – July 12, 2015

A mixed media exhibition presenting the work of 17 artists based on the theme of innovative use of traditional and non-traditional materials. Expect the unexpected: this show thinks outside the box / beyond the frame and turns traditional art on its head, with work that goes from whimsical to strange to thought provoking.


“Our designers, for the most part, make every piece by hand without the intention to mass-produce.  VALT has little interest in showing designers that would traditionally be considered ‘big’ - it is an event for artists who happen to make clothes. That said, VALT has several returning designers this year: Samantha Stroman, Shiverz Designs, Scheherezade Banoo, AD Designs, Avant-Afi, Pretty in Punk, Zollection, Carolyn Bruce Designs & Dixon.  Our designers create for film makers, artists, performers, musicians and collectors with unique tastes.”   

                                                                              Covered by Anja Konjicanin for the Vancouver Observers column The Scene, Oct. 30th, 2014
Rock singer Tracy Weddell and operatic mezzo-soprano Leeta Liepins wore designer Carolyn Bruce’s steampunk jewelry at a party featuring Lady Gaga's sidekick Lady Starlight.

                                                                              Published in the Ottawa Citizen by Malcolm Parry, Sept. 14th,2014


Carolyn Bruce Designs is jewellery based, the majority is my twist on Steampunk; Jules Verne meets Queen Victoria…statement pieces of wearable art…embellished boots and robot jewellery…Inspiration is everywhere…one only needs to touch something and the process begins automatically…often at an alarming speed…not something one can turn off…my mind is at least a year ahead of my physical capabilities…

                                                 Written for Art World Expo by Alyssa Laube, Dec. 10th, 2014


The right dress by Rada Designer Fashion requires the best accessories. Director, Screenwriter and Producer Ana Valine's exquisite, chunky jewelry was provided by Carolyn Bruce of Carolyn Bruce Designs. Ana completed her ensemble with a pair of Victorian, knee-high, laced-up boots, giving her chic Old Hollywood-style appearance an eclectic finish.                                          The Province Newspaper, Vancouver, BC, Oct. 9th, 2014


Rock singer Tracy Weddell and operatic mezzo-soprano Leeta Liepins wore designer Carolyn Bruce’s steampunk jewelry at a party featuring Lady Gaga's sidekick Lady Starlight.                           Published in the Ottawa Citizen by Malcolm Parry, Aug. 14, 2014


In addition to painters at Art World Expo 2015, there were unique art pieces such as the steampunk jewellery by Carolyn Bruce Designs. Of course, those hit a soft spot with me, having incorporated a Tardis (or as Megan excitedly pointed out to me, "that blue box thingy I like so much").
                                                                                                                                     Written by Cicy Guimond, May 4th, 2014

I really wanted to toss the jewellery I was wearing, in favor of anything designed by Carolyn Bruce. It is described as "Steampunk wearable art jewellery and as you can see in the photos, it is all," one of a kind pieces, made of antique silver and bronze, with lead free base metals and found objects."  Find her on Favebook at  Carolyn Bruce Designs - Steampunk Jewelry. Have a look into jewellery that will definitely make your eye travel.                                              Written by Colleen, May 4th, 2015

Carolyn Bruce of Carolyn Bruce Designs is a mixed media artist who works with glass and semi-precious beads and lead free base metals in antique silver, gold and bronze. Carolyn creates magnificent Steampunk Jewellery that is worn and appreciated by all- women, men, and every age and style. Carolyn also has very affordable collections featuring pendants, icicle angels, earrings, pendulum glass crystal bookmarks, tea and cooking themed gifts and simply a wide variety of amazing works at every price range. Carolyn sells in various boutiques and studios and also creates her own Christmas Market experience that she advertises as … FIND IT | LOVE IT | BUY IT – at Gifts Galore Show.                                                                                                                                   Written by Randi Winter, Feb 13, 2015

A class in the art of Steampunk…where Science-Fiction,Fantasy and Victorian style meet.

Make a necklace, earring set and a pin. Incorporate keys, cogs, robots and watch parts into your own style of Steampunk Mayhem and Madness..!!! Age and patina metals to include in your pieces. Work in antique bronze and silver lead-free base metals to achieve you own unique style. Kits of parts and pieces included…additional items will be available for purchase from the teacher for future projects. Bring your favourite jewelry pliers and tools…all other items will be supplied.                                                                                                       Blog by: Nicci Battilana, Oct. 17th, 2014


Carolyn Bruce is a mixed media artist working with glass and semi-precious beads and lead free base metals in antique silver, gold and bronze. Her "totally tea" collection features miniature teapots for pendants or decoration - tea earrings and beaded tea infusers. Reading is important to her and her pendulum glass crystal bookmarks will add an air of elegance to any book you read.

                                                                                     Bringing Art, Business and Community together, Ambleside Landing, West Vancouver


Would you like a cup of tea? Many do it seems as the overwhelming attendance at the inaugural Vancouver Tea Festival has shown, this past Saturday, November 2nd, 2013, at the Creekside Community Centre at the Olympic Village. Our second source of caffeine seems to have a lot of fans. Exhibitors included tea companies: Steam Tea House, JusTea, DAVIDsTEA, Tea Sparrow, Amoda Tea, The Chinese Tea Shop, O5 Tea, Namasthé Tea Co., TEAJA, Shaktea Tea Lounge, The Tea Guy, Tea Association of Canada, Steeped Tea, Zen Tea, Snow Lotus Fine Teas, Honeybush Health, Oollo Tea, Salon Tea, Black Tusk Trading, Naked Teas Galore and some other tea-related companies: The Painted Cookie & Carolyn Bruce Designs, Lime and Moon Pie Company, Ayala Moriel Parfums and BC Hydro. A LOT! The advance tickets were sold out, walk-ins were turned away, and line-ups to get in went up to 40 minutes. Being the festival's first year, organizers underestimated the amount of people who love tea! I'm pretty sure that they will be moving the festival to a bigger venue next year!

                                                                                                                                                                    Written by Jenn Lee, November 5th, 2013