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________________________________________________________________________________________________________ and gallerys approach is one that includes all, through an ongoing sense of community, collaboration and mindfulness. They invite you to join a class, attend an event or browse our selection of artists in their gallery. Their goal is to help you achieve your creative genius in a positive and abundant space fostering growth and freedom of artistic expression. You can find necklaces, tea infusers, giftware and bookmarks are on sale there.


The Wylde Wood Collective is a treasure box in which you will discover art, jewelry, craft, costume, story, and whimsy. This is a place of mystery and ancient memory, where you will always find something magical. We focus on all things Faerie, Mythic, Gothic, Steampunk, Fantasy, and of course, all that is geek-chic, in our constantly-changing glamourie of items. Looking for the work of a local artist, author or publisher, a one-of-a-kind faerie gown, or a truly unique piece of jewelry or headpiece? You will find it down in WyldeWood, at the River Market in New Westminster where mystery & wonder wait. Fantasy necklaces, earrings, tea infusers and many more pieces can be found there amongst the many artisans and artists this amazing store has to offer.


Carolyn's Boutique in Sooke offers a fabulous shopping experience with lines to inspire you, interesting jewellery from local artists, great gift ideas and more!

Carolyn Bruce Designs is a NEW addition to the local BC talent Carolyn showcases there.

And Everything Nice Antiques and Collectables is located in a 1939 home on the award winning Main Street of Lacombe Alberta Canada . They carry over 80 patterns of Royal Albert and Royal Doulton as well as other china companies, furniture, collectable glass ware, gourmet Le Chocolatier chocolate, handmade O'Canada Soapworks products, Chinook Soy Candles, Books, Furs, Linens, wedding dresses, Sweet Romance Jewelry, jewelry of old and new, and lots of different things grace their shelves every day.

Bring a friend, sister, Mom or Grandma and take them on a leisurely walk through the past and present. It is always a pleasant experience. While in historical downtown Lacombe Alberta be sure to stop in at the “Morrison House" coffee house on 51st street west of 53rd avenue and be served handmade lunch and dessert in this historic home.

Carolyn Bruce Designs assorted Tea Infusers can be found in this lovely Alberta store. 

The conjunction of PARVESH JAI's style is an annotation of distinction that radiates from every tiny yet significant expression of oneself. The uber talented designer duo, best defines their brand as that glow that lives in all of our eyes - a combined expression of seductive beauty, gaiety, unique charm and personified elegance. Through the fascination of art in all classes, the exploration of global trends and a keen obsession for fine details, PARVESH JAI create matchless fairytale couture pieces. In each and every single garment; they strive to reveal the beauty in all human beings, to help everybody find oneself and to make each individual feel truly beautiful when they are dressed in an exclusive PARVESH JAI piece. PARVESH JAI’s “Blue Coral” collection is a revelation of all that is handcrafted, exquisite and extraordinary in its conception and realization. 


The Royal BC Museum Corporation is one of Canada’s greatest cultural treasures. The museum was founded in 1886; the Archives, in 1894. In 2003, these two organizations joined to become British Columbia’s combined provincial museum and archives, collecting artifacts, documents and specimens of British Columbia’s natural and human history, safeguarding them for the future, and sharing them with the world.

Carolyn Bruce has had her infusers represented in the Royal BC Museum Shop for 2 years as of May 2015.

                         Royal BC Museum, 675 Belleville Street, Victoria BC, Tel: 250.356.7226