Carolyn Bruce Designs ~ Statement Jewelry

One-of-a-Kind Statement Pieces of Wearable Art 

Women's Necklace Sets 

Violet Dragonfly Necklace Set - $575

This gorgeous One of a Kind necklace was designed with Wine Tasting Festivals in mind. It hangs in a low V on the chest and is totally striking. This necklace has been featured on a TV Series and comes with earrings, a leather bag and headpiece. One of a kind. This set has a total striking look to it. VISA & MASTERCARD accepted. 

Blue Dragonfly Necklace - $145

This One of a Kind beautiful little necklace set speaks to the birth of Spring and all that comes to life in the Garden. A sparkling rhinestone Rose is flanked by 2 matching gemstone dragonflies and 3 bronze dragonflies. This necklace hangs just below the collar bone and is lovely for any dinner party or theatre event you may be attending. Earrings Included.  VISA & MASTERCARD accepted. 

Bee Steampunk Necklace Set - $395

This necklace was built in honor of Bees. Carolyn is quite the animal lover and is quite distraught about the perilous state of the current Bee population. Ever the insect lover she created this Beauty for an outdoor event which included activism for Saving the Bees. You too can make your own statement by wearing this One of a Kind piece of Art. VISA & MASTERCARD accepted. 

Cherry Blossom Necklace Set - $425

Ahhhhh, the flowers of Spring. Draped in a soft peach pink blossom and sage green dragonfly with large rhinestone rain drops that dangle, this piece is a sight to behold. This set also comes with a matching embellished Black velveteen beaded vintage upcycled purse. Truly a One of a Kind Statement piece.  VISA & MASTERCARD accepted. 

Feathered Snow Princess Set - $325

Gorgeous rhinestone, pearl and white feathered set includes necklace and earrings. You will truly look like a Princess when you wear this gorgeous necklace to a wedding, special event or New Year's Eve! A One of a Kind Statement Piece, this twinkling necklace will leave you feeling like the Belle of all Balls you attend! VISA & MASTERCARD accepted. 

The Queen of Tea Necklace - $225

If you fancy yourself the Queen of Tea this necklace and earring set is for you. Very Alice in Wonderland it is loaded with all charms that relate to tea time. Rhinestone laden Queen crowns, rhinestone crusted spoons, a bejewelled Teapot at the centre and even a cat or two to keep you company, this One of a Kind necklace is all whimsy.  VISA & MASTERCARD accepted. 

Bronze Crosses & Pearls - $395

Ever a stunning piece, this dramatic necklace definitely makes a statement. Large bronze crosses and dragonflies with inlaid faux pearls makes for a very romantic renaissance looking piece. This necklace looks sensational with a little black dress and a bronze clutch purse. Perfect for date night on the town. VISA & MASTERCARD accepted.  

Peacock Garden Goddess - $525 set

Exquisite. This piece was a design challenge produced by The Little Black Dress Gala in Vancouver BC. The challenge was to take a piece of fabric and create something out of it. With its bronze tones and framed picture of a Peacock and rhinestone embellishments this is Truly a One of a Kind Treasure. VISA & MASTERCARD accepted. 

Bronze Dragonfly Medallion - $525

This bejeweled, beaded and tassled ensemble is a head turner. Perfectly paired with an embellished upcycled purse is a beauty to behold. This piece has lots of movement because of the tassles so it is very eye catching. The bronze tone is classic and muted but with a coppery shimmer. Simply put, Stunning! VISA & MASTERCARD accepted. 

Blue Crystal Dragonflies - $225

Truly a Carolyn Bruce Designs piece, this lovely gathering of Dragonflies is her Signature Style. The Crystals can be done in whatever color you choose. This on is a stunning dark cobalt blue. Earrings hang about 1.5 inches. Can be worn higher on the neck or dropped down more for a long necklace look. VISA & MASTERCARD accepted. 

Sunglasses Heels & Flowers - $325

Unique set available for the eclectic collector or FUN loving fashionista. This necklace has rhinestone flowers, Cats Eyes rhinestone trimmed glasses, a pop of color and high heel shoes. One of a Kind. Perfect for any High Fashion event! VISA & MASTERCARD accepted. 

Dragonfly Forest Gathering - $125

Dazzling! this little necklace is honestly stunning. Smaller than most of Carolyn's necklaces, it packs a dramatic statement. Lovely dark green crystals and dark green enameled wing tips on the dragonfly with small bright silver leaves entwined. Truly a little gem and you can't best the price!  VISA & MASTERCARD accepted.